Ergonomic Evaluation

What is Ergonomics?

The term ‘ergonomics’ is derived from the Greek words ‘ergon’ to work and ‘nomoi’ natural laws. Ergonomics is ‘the fit between people, the things they do, the objects they use and the environments they work and travel in’.

At Posture Plus we recognise the importance of correct ergonomics in today's workplace. This is often in front of a computer, working in offices for long hours in relatively fixed positions, performing repetitive movements while working hard to meet deadlines. This type of work is associated with health problems such as pain and discomfort in the low back, neck, arms, elbows, wrists and hands.

It is now a legal requirement for companies to implement ergonomic workstation assessments in order to comply with Hong Kong Health & Safety policy and practice.

What to expect from an Individual Ergonomic Work-Site Assessment.

All our ergonomic assessors are fully trained and experienced physiotherapists. They will complete a detailed on-site assessment of the place where you work, the equipment that you use and the daily tasks that you perform. Any risk factors relating to these, your working posture and environment will be identified and immediate recommendations made in order to minimise them. The assessment will take one hour.

Within one week, a detailed report outlining the assessment findings and any recommendations relating to posture, task re-design, equipment and work station adaptations will then be completed and emailed or posted to the client. The report will outline the findings, use photographs to help illustrate posture problems and list recommendations which may include specialised ergonomic equipment.

Work Site Lectures

Posture Plus has formulated a detailed lecture series which can be modified according to the workplace. The series consists of the following lectures:

  • Lecture 1: General Posture in the Workplace
  • Lecture 2: Low Back Pain in the Workplace
  • Lecture 3: Neck and Arm Pain in the Workplace
  • Lecture 4: Common Postural Problems at Work, Home, Travel and Sport
  • Lecture 5: Posture and Kids

The lectures 1-5 consist of both theory and practical activities and require a free initial visit to the worksite to discuss what work areas need to be addressed. The physiotherapist takes photographs of the worksite as well as both good and bad work postures to use as relevant examples within the individual company lecture series.

Mini-Worksite Assessments

Due to demand, we also deliver mini-worksite assessments where a maximum of 4 staff members can be assessed within an hour. Workers are advised of potential risk factors and minor alterations are carried out for them for e.g. how to adapt their chair to suit them and their work patterns. A short report is then prepared and sent to the HR department to alert them to the main postural mistakes being made by their staff with the long-term view to influencing in-house procedures, staff information and training.

If you or your company is interested in booking any of the above lectures, assessments or wish to discuss a query with one of our physiotherapists, please contact us.

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