Sports Massage Therapy

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage therapists are equipped with a large variety of techniques, from general relaxation and stretching, to postural realignment and specific injury treatment. Treatment is adapted according to the clients presentation so every treatment is personalised to suit your specific needs at that time.

“Massage is the best form of treatment for muscle tension […] its biggest advantage is that it can be used on (a) regular basis to prevent overuse injuries and as a symptom based approach to treatment of specific injuries.” – Mel Cash, Sports Massage, 1988

What Should I Expect During my First Sports Massage Visit?

Prior to the initial session, please fill in and return the Sports Massage Assessment form via email:, fax (+852 2167 8852), or alternatively you can bring in the completed form with you. Please click here for the form.

The therapist will assess which areas need to be worked on and what type of massage is appropriate for you. In subsequent visits, should any information regarding your health change (e.g. pregnancy), please inform your therapist before the start of the session. Once the initial assessment is completed the therapist will give you some privacy to get undressed and to lie down on the massage table. Draping, usually a sheet, will be provided for you to cover yourself. Treatments are generally done using massage oil or lotion directly on the skin. During the treatment, pressure will vary according to your needs and therapist may use a combination of deep tissue massage, soft tissue release and fascial stretching techniques. Self-care home exercises may be prescribed and an estimation on the number of subsequent treatments needed will also be suggested. Registered Massage Therapists work collaboratively with their clients and other relevant therapists to achieve the best results.

Sports Massage Plus FAQs

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