Darek Wyrzykowski

Darek Wyrzykowski

Darek Wyrzykowski has practiced as a sports massage therapist in London since 2009. His professional pursuit commenced with his City and Guild Level 3 Diploma studies in Body Massage Therapies at Morley College of London. He then completed the BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Sports Massage and Sports Treatments programme. Darek is currently a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (UK).

As a manual therapist, Darek is inspired by the work of Ida Rolf and Tom Meyers on the web of fascia and the myofascial meridians, which led him to further in-depth study of kinesiology and structural integration. This has not only enhanced his massage techniques, but also given him a deeper understanding of chronic pain conditions and postural dysfunctions. He has utilised these techniques extensively when he volunteered at the University College London Hospital, where he helped clients through their often very complicated rehabilitation process.

Darek’s treatment specialities include soft tissue and positional release, myofascial, muscle energy and neuromuscular techniques. As well as working in a clinical setting, he also provides pre and post-event massage, including “pitch-side” support at sporting events. Darek aims to excel at both remedial and therapeutic treatment, working with athletes and sports enthusiasts, as well as individuals who suffer from common work-related postural complaints.

Darek is a keen sports enthusiast who enjoys climbing, cycling, Judo and Systema Kadochnikova: a Russian form of Martial Art. This extensive sport involvement nurtures his interest in body science, nutrition and sports coaching methods, as well as strengthening his skills in analysing biomechanics and human physiology.

Darek’s mission is to provide the best possible care to his clients: improve their health, boost their performance, keep them injury-free and prolong an active lifestyle.

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